Angular Contact Ball Bearing
① Higher bearing capacity ② It can carry radial and axial combined loads, and through the combination of multiple sets of single-row bearings or double-row bearings, can also carry bidirectional axial loads. ③ The combination of multiple sets of single-row bearings and double-row bearings has a higher rigidity. ④ These high-precision products ensure the high speed and good operating performance of bearings.
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Cylindrical Roller Bearing
① Good rigidity and high radial load bearing capacity ② The non-positioning structure can move axially to some extent. ③ The optimized generatrix profile of the roller decreases the edge stress of the contact part between the roller and the raceway, and also reduces the impact of installation alignment and shaft deflection on the overall performance, thus prolonging the service life.
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HXSI series Crossed roller slewing bearing with internal gear teeth

Crossed roller slewing bearings play a crucial role in numerous heavy-duty applications, offering the required strength, accuracy, and longevity to guarantee seamless and dependable operation in challenging conditions.


Precision rotary indexing table, precision machine tool, radar, industrial robot, precision turntable, large radio and optical telescopes, etc.

HXSI series Crossed roller slewing bearing with internal gear teeth


For more detailed parameters of the product, please consult us to understand.
ModelMain   dimensionsRotation   accuracyInstallation   dimensionBasic   Rated LoadClearance
P5Outer RingInner RingAxialRadial
DdHdoMZKeaKiaSeaSiaPitch Center DistanceMounting HolePitch Center DistanceMounting HoleDynamicStaticDynamicStatic
HXSI140414484325563355670.φ1437524-M12 with 20 depth2295201462500.01~0.03
HXSI140544614444564566760.φ1450532-M12 with 20 depth2706801703300.01~0.03
HXSI140644714546565586930.φ1460536-M12 with 20 depth2908001853950.01~0.04
HXSI1407449143255666061100.φ1470540-M12 with 20 depth3159302004550.01~0.04
HXSI140844914444567528940.φ1480540-M12 with 20 depth34010502155100.01~0.04
HXSI14094410145465685681070.φ1490544-M12 with 20 depth36011702275800.01~0.05
HXSI141094116432556100081250.φ14105548-M12 with 20 depth39013602466700.01~0.05

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