Angular Contact Ball Bearing
① Higher bearing capacity ② It can carry radial and axial combined loads, and through the combination of multiple sets of single-row bearings or double-row bearings, can also carry bidirectional axial loads. ③ The combination of multiple sets of single-row bearings and double-row bearings has a higher rigidity. ④ These high-precision products ensure the high speed and good operating performance of bearings.
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Cylindrical Roller Bearing
① Good rigidity and high radial load bearing capacity ② The non-positioning structure can move axially to some extent. ③ The optimized generatrix profile of the roller decreases the edge stress of the contact part between the roller and the raceway, and also reduces the impact of installation alignment and shaft deflection on the overall performance, thus prolonging the service life.
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Double-row full complement cylindrical roller bearing

Without cage design, it has two rows of fully loaded cylindrical rollers, and can provide higher radial loading capacity and radial rigidity than the single-row full complement cylindrical roller bearing.


Gearbox, motor, wind generator, engineering machinery and equipment, pump and compressor, material conveying equipment, textile machinery, rail vehicles, metallurgical equipment, machine tool spindle, etc.

Double-row full complement cylindrical roller bearing


For more detailed parameters of the product, please consult us to understand.
Dimensions(mm) r1.2 Rated load(kN) Limit load(kN) Rated speed(r/min)
Model Inner diameter d Outer diameter D Width b Outline size / chamfer Dynamic state Cr Static state Cor Fatigue Pu Grease lubrication Reference speed Oil lubrication Limting speed
NU 20/800 ECMA80011502007.506758.4014016950400630
NU 20/750 ECMA/HA175010901957.506019.2012192850430670
NU 10/750 ECN2MA/HB175010901507.504540.808448585430670
NU 20/710 ECMA/HB171010301857.505702.4011520815480700
NU 10/710 ECN2MA71010301407.504492.808160750560750
NU 20/670 ECMA/HB1670980180-5174.4010560750500800
NU 10/670 ECMA670980136-3590.406528465600800
NU 12/630 ECMA/HB16301150230-8236.8013152915450700
NU 20/630 ECMA6309201707.504540.809120670560850
NU 10/630 ECN2MA630920128-3273.605952430630850
NU 2/600 ECMA/HB16001090155-5385.609408670480750
NU 20/600 ECMA60087015564012.807680570600900
NU 10/600 N2MA600870118626404896365700900
NU 12/560 MA56010302069.506921.6010752780560800
NU 20/560 ECMA5608201506364873445606301000
NU 10/560 MA56082011562236.8040803107501000
NU 20/530 ECMA53078014563590.4070565506701000
NU 10/530 MA53078011262198.4038883058001000
NU 12/500 MA5009201857.505068.808160620670950
NU 10/500 MA50072010061651.202976236900900
NU 1096 MA4807001006159628502329001200
NU 2292 MA4608302127.5048648217.506557001100
NU 1292 MA4608301657.50397164605107501100
NU 1092 MA46068010061567.502707.502249501200
NU 1088 MA44065094-1434.502517.5021210001300
NU 1084 MA42062090513492327.5020011001400
NU 1080 MA4006009051311220419611001500
NU 2276 ECMA3806801756376260805108501300
NJ 1076 MA38056082510831833.5017012001600
NU 1076 MA38056082510831833.5017012001600
NU 2272 MA360650170-277446554009501400
NU 1072 MA36054082410451738.5016313001600
NU 2268 MA34062016562508427536510001500
NJ 1068 MA34052082-1026167215613001700
NU 1068 MA34052082-1026167215613001700
NU 2264 ECMA32058015053030.50475041510001600
NU 264 MA3205809251529.502327.5020412001600
NJ 1064 MA3204807448361358.5013214001900
NU 1064 MA3204807448361358.5013214001900
NU 2260 MA30054014051985.503277.5030012001800
NU 260 MA3005408551349201418313001800
NJ 1060 MA300460744815.101301.5012915002000
NU 1060 MA300460744815.101301.5012915002000
NU 2356 MA28058017562565408536510001700
NU 2256 ECMA280500130520903277.5030512001900
NJ 256 MA2805008051083161515314001900
NU 256 MA2805008051130.50171015614001900
NU 1056 ML280420654627100710217002600
NU 352 ECMA26054010261843256523611001800
NJ 2252 MA26048013051700.50285027513002000
NU 2252 MA26048013051700.50285026513002000
NUP 252 MA2604808051111.50161515614002000
NJ 252 MA2604808051111.50161515014002000
NU 252 MA2604808051111.50161515014002000
NJ 1052 ML260400654595.65916.7596518002800
NU 1052 ML260400654595.65916.7596518002800
NU 2348 ECMA240500155524703467.5032012002000
NJ 348 MA2405009551377.50190018013002000
NU 348 M2405009551377.50190018013001600
NJ 2248 MA24044012041377.50224222415002200
NU 2248 MA24044012041377.50224222415002200
NUP 248 MA240440724904.401301.5012916002200
NJ 248 MA240440724904.401301.5012916002200
NU 248 MA240440724904.401301.5012916002200
NU 1048 ML240360563496.857607820003000
NU 2344 ECMA220460145522613277.5031013002200
NJ 344 M2204608851149.501548.5015015001700
NU 344 M2204608851149.501548.5015015001700
NJ 2244 ECML22040010841491.50216621216003000
NU 2244 ECML22040010841491.50216621216003000
NUP 244 ECML22040065410071225.5012517003000
NJ 244 ECML22040065410071225.5012517003000
NU 244 ECML22040065410071225.5012517003000
NJ 1044 ML220340563470.25698.2573522003200
NJ 2340 ECML20042013851881266025514002800
NU 2340 ECML20042013851881266025514002800
NJ 340 ECML2004208051168.501548.5015014002800
NU 340 ECML2004208051168.501548.5015014002800

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